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Helping families in Georgia with expenses to move to another state to obtain medical cannabis oil


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Sheryl sumlin and her daughter trinity

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Sweet Trinity passed away on Sept 5, 2014

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Hose the House Fundraiser for Journey of hOpe 

Georgia medical refugees in Colorado - July / 2014

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In 2014, the Georgia legislature was not able to pass legislation to provide access to cannabidiol oil for Georgia families who have children with seizure disorders.  So the Journey of Hope Fund has been established to help with moving and living expenses for families who want to travel to another state to obtain cannabis oil for their children.  Access to the fund will be limited to children with seizure disorders, and will only be granted to Georgia families.  As long as funds are available, we will provide transportation, and up to 6 months of rent.  Resources are allocated based on financial and medical need. 

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